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Update Notes for the Google app, Gmail, Translate, Home, Play Books, and Fit (November 21, 2018)

Update Notes for the Google app, Gmail, Translate, Home, Play Books, and Fit (November 21, 2018)

Each week, I look at someplace in the neighborhood of 100 app updates whereas wanting for modifications. Probably the most fascinating issues flip into APK Teardowns or Obtain posts. Lots of the remaining updates are unremarkable, amounting to some bug fixes, routine updates to libraries, and even simply pixel-level changes to layouts and photographs. Nevertheless, there are often a couple of updates that land someplace in between. I do not need to spam readers with dozens of brief posts, however I hate to disregard issues that folks may need to find out about, so I’ll wrap up the leftovers for a bit of weekend studying and name it Update Notes.

Particular because of נתנאל מ for the nice hero picture on this submit!

Gmail v8.10.21

In case you’ve ever created a Gmail account, you’ve got in all probability seen the density setting sooner or later throughout that point. It is a easy choice to decide on one among three totally different ranges of data density for the overview record. Choices embrace: default, snug, and compact. Whereas the Gmail app gives lots of the similar choices as the net interface, this one just isn’t included, however it appears like will probably be quickly. Three strings have been added with names matching the three format choices from the net.

<string identify=”density_option_comfortable” />
<string identify=”density_option_compact” />
<string identify=”density_option_default” />

Examples of the three totally different modes from the net interface.

The strings are presently empty, however it’s not arduous to see what might be in there. However, we’ll probably see these choices going stay in the future, not with this replace. It is one thing to sit up for when you choose both of the types that are not presently provided in the Android app.


Translate v5.25

This replace was actually mild on modifications, and most of what modified was truly the removing of some pointless textual content that resulted in a drop of about 300KB in the APK. However, there are a pair small additions to notice.

Extra velocity choices

In line with a brand new line, there are new velocity choices for the speech output. This is not truly true, or no less than not but, so it appears to me that this can be a plan for the future.

<string identify=”entry_whats_new_speeds”>Extra velocity choices now obtainable for speech output</string>

The present choices are: Regular, Sluggish, and Slower. My assumption is that Google can be including some quicker choices… however I assume we will not rule out “Ultra Slow.”

Google Translate
Google Translate

Google Play Books v4.5

The Play Books app hasn’t been notably lively for the previous couple of months, however the updates seem to have been centered round bug fixes and different enhancements behind the scenes.

Android Auto settings

The newest replace is getting ready a settings display for audiobooks enjoying in the automotive. The exercise for this display is definitely exported, so it may be freely launched with adb or an app.

<exercise android:identify=”” android:exported=”true” android:label=”@string/app_settings_activity_title” android:theme=”@style/SettingsActivity”>
<motion android:identify=”android.intent.action.APPLICATION_PREFERENCES” />

Presently, the settings display solely accommodates a toggle for the Sensible Resume function. This modifies the ahead and skip buttons so they may bounce to the begin of a sentence relatively than in the center, making the context of the bounce a bit extra clear. I anticipate extra choices to be added in time, however that is it for now. To date the settings display does not look like reside, however I would not write off the risk that it is going to be in the close to future.

Google Play Books
Google Play Books

Google app v8.55

As we have seen earlier than, not all updates to the Google app haves one thing value remarking on. Model eight.55 lands squarely in that territory with many minor rephrasings and loads of comparable textual content that does not converse to any new or improved options. It is actually not value dragging our readers in simply for some low cost web page views. Nevertheless, there’s one bit that was no less than a bit amusing.

Google Lens is hiring

It appears like the Google Lens workforce is trying to deliver a number of extra individuals into the circle. A promotional messages proven to different Googlers consists of the phrases, “We’re hiring!” The aim is sort of clearly aimed toward cannibalizing builders from different groups. From what I am informed, this is not an unusual apply inside the firm, however it’s pretty uncommon that messaging like this materializes proper inside an app.

<string identify=”lens_hiring_promo”>We’re hiring!</string>

Comply with-up: Shared collections

Final week, we mentioned an upcoming function that may permit customers to share their collections with different individuals. There’s nothing substantial right here, however there’s now a title for a display that may record all of the collections which were shared with you. No less than this presents a bit extra perception into the expertise of taking a look at collections from different individuals.

<string identify=”collections_list_shared_with_me”>Shared with me</string>


Google Residence v2.7

The newest Google Residence replace acquired a couple of modifications, however they felt suited to a fast overview with screenshots fairly than a devoted publish.

Take away Voice Match

There’s now an choice to take away your Voice Match profile from Google Residence and most different Assistant-enabled units. Truly, whereas that is what the choice is known as, it actually means you are utterly unlinking your account from a tool. That is one thing you’ve got been capable of do in the previous from the Voice Match display, however now there is a new shortcut to get you to the similar place.

Minor visible tweaks

Left: v2.6. Proper: v2.7.

Like most updates, there are a couple of beauty modifications. This time it appears like most of them are showing in setup screens, like the ones above for Digital Wellbeing. — Thanks, QikOver.

Minimal brightness settings for Residence Hub

In case you’re the proud proprietor of a sensible show, you must now have a brand new setting to regulate the minimal brightness of the display. You will have 4 choices: Brighter, Vibrant, Dim, and Darkish.

<string identify=”min_brightness_mode_setting_title”>Minimal brightness</string>
<string identify=”min_brightness_mode_setting_description”>Set the minimal brightness of the display</string>
<string identify=”min_brightness_mode_button_label_brighter”>Brighter</string>
<string identify=”min_brightness_mode_button_label_bright”>Vibrant</string>
<string identify=”min_brightness_mode_button_label_dim”>Dim</string>
<string identify=”min_brightness_mode_button_label_dark”>Darkish</string>

Wi-Fi settings

And eventually, there’s a number of new textual content and some new actions associated to configuring Wi-Fi networks. It isn’t solely clear if this will probably be for configuring which Wi-Fi networks are for use, however amongst the strings are a couple of associated to mesh networks, so it might even be used for managing settings and pairings for units that both hook up with or prolong mesh deployments.

<string identify=”wifi_header_general”>Common</string>
<string identify=”wifi_header_network”>Community</string><string identify=”wifi_title_advanced_settings”>Superior networking</string>
<string identify=”wifi_title_points_settings”>Level</string><string identify=”wifi_network_map_devices_button”>Check Wifi</string>
<string identify=”wifi_network_map_devices_label”>units</string>
<string identify=”wifi_network_map_internet_button”>Community verify</string>
<string identify=”wifi_network_map_internet_label”>Obtain velocity</string>
<string identify=”wifi_network_map_mesh_button”>Check mesh</string>
<string identify=”wifi_network_map_mesh_label”>Factors</string><string identify=”wifi_description_advanced_settings”>DNS, WAN, LAN, extra…</string>
<string identify=”wifi_description_network_settings”>Wi-Fi community, password protected</string>
<string identify=”wifi_description_points_settings”>Particulars, gadget settings, restart…</string>
<string identify=”wifi_device_count_fmt”>%d units are related.</string><string identify=”wifi_accessibility_open_settings”>Open Wifi settings</string>

<exercise android:identify=”” android:exported=”false” android:label=”@string/media_screen_title” />
<exercise android:identify=”” flag=”wifi_coin_enabled” android:exported=”false” />
<exercise android:identify=”” flag=”wifi_coin_enabled” android:exported=”false” />
<exercise android:identify=”” flag=”wifi_coin_enabled” android:exported=”false” />
<exercise android:identify=”” flag=”wifi_coin_enabled” android:exported=”false” />
<exercise android:identify=”” flag=”wifi_coin_enabled” android:exported=”false” />

Google Home
Google Home

Google Fit v2.05

Since the redesigned Google Fit got here out in August, not a lot else of observe has occurred with the app. However, there nonetheless some bits of exercise worthy of a point out, even when it is simply to point out there’s one thing occurring behind the scenes.

New exercise varieties

Two new exercise varieties have been added in the final couple of updates. The primary was for guided respiration, which appeared in v2.04, and the newest replace to v2.05 added sleeping. Notably, these do not look like seen actions anyplace in the app but, however we’ll clearly see them going reside sooner or later in the future.

<string identify=”activity_type_guided_breathing”>Guided respiration</string>
<string identify=”activity_type_guided_breathing_name”>Guided respiration</string>
<string identify=”activity_type_guided_breathing_verb”>Guided breathe</string>2.05
<string identify=”activity_type_sleep”>Sleeping</string>
<string identify=”activity_type_sleep_name”>Sleep</string>
<string identify=”activity_type_sleep_verb”>Sleep</string>

“Celebrations” for good exercises

Motivational phrases have been proven to assist get individuals shifting, and Google Fit has all the time made some extent of utilizing that technique. There’s nothing too uncommon about it, however there are 4 model new units of messages that will probably be used to offer constructive reinforcement for good exercises. They’re damaged into small, medium, giant, and mega exercises.

<string identify=”small_celebration_1″>Each exercise counts!</string>
<string identify=”small_celebration_2″>Serving to out your coronary heart</string>
<string identify=”small_celebration_3″>All in a day’s work!</string>
<string identify=”small_celebration_4″>Making each minute rely!</string><string identify=”medium_celebration_1″>You rocked it!</string>
<string identify=”medium_celebration_2″>Stepping up your recreation!</string>
<string identify=”medium_celebration_3″>You stepped it up a gear!</string>
<string identify=”medium_celebration_4″>Stepping into your stride!</string>
<string identify=”medium_celebration_5″>You kicked it up a notch!</string><string identify=”large_celebration_1″>What a exercise!</string>
<string identify=”large_celebration_2″>You actually pushed it!</string>
<string identify=”large_celebration_3″>Subsequent degree exercise!</string>
<string identify=”large_celebration_4″>Your coronary heart thanks you!</string>

<string identify=”mega_celebration_2″>Unstoppable!</string>
<string identify=”mega_celebration_3″>Maintain upping the depth!</string>
<string identify=”mega_celebration_4″>Whew! That was intense!</string>
<string identify=”mega_celebration_5″>What a exercise. You deserve a break!</string>

And maybe associated to this, Google Fit’s advisory options might start both suggesting exercises or asking customers to guage exercises based mostly on their depth degree. Low, average, and excessive depth ranges are named, and every comes with a primary description of the results from such a exercise.

<string identify=”session_effort”>Effort</string>
<string identify=”session_effort_accessibility”>Effort heading</string>
<string identify=”session_low_intensity”>Low depth</string>
<string identify=”session_low_intensity_description”>Regular respiration, might have a dialog or sing</string>
<string identify=”session_moderate_intensity”>Average depth</string>
<string identify=”session_moderate_intensity_description”>Heavy respiration, might have a brief dialog however not sing</string>
<string identify=”session_high_intensity”>Excessive depth</string>
<string identify=”session_high_intensity_description”>In need of breath, might solely converse briefly sentences</string>

Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking
Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking