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The Best Running Shoes for Walking in 2019

The Best Running Shoes for Walking in 2019

With a growing list of shoes every year, distinguishing what you should get can be a nightmare. Shoes for running are dominating the market, so it’s hard to know if you’ll benefit from a shoe made for harsher exercise. Preventing injuries is just one of the reasons to invest in a good pair of walking shoes. A good pair can also improve your performance and increase the amount of exercise you’re getting.

If you have to stop every few minutes because of aches and pains, you won’t be walking very far.

Comfort should be the main priority when searching for the right shoes. You’ll want good performance without sacrificing comfort. We’ll be going over the most comfortable shoes catered to your needs including wide and narrow feet, bad knees, and people with bunions.

It’s also important to not overspend. With the vast growing market of shoes, many are overpriced when you could get a cheaper shoe with the same quality.

We’ve parceled out the shoes that don’t deserve the price point, and found reasonable ones with great comfort and quality. Here’s the list of the best walking shoes on the market.

Best Overall for Walking

1. Saucony Echelon 7

The Saucony Echelon 7 is the best all-around shoe we found for walking.

The Echelon 7 has a solid platform sockliner on the foundation of the shoe that cushions your feet when you land. It’s great for avoiding sore feet during long walks.

The shoes are also a good choice if you have underpronation. Underpronation is when the arches on your feet don’t go flat enough when you walk. It’s common if you have high arches in your feet.

Walking with too much underpronation can cause injuries over time, so the Echelon 7 comes with a cushion that promotes your arches to flatten when you walk.

While it does have some cons, we found it’s the best all-around choice. It’s arguably one of the more comfortable shoes for walking, but also comes with a good springiness in the sole. The springy sole will take some pressure off of your legs and feet when you’re walking.

The Saucony Echelon 7 isn’t a groundbreaking pair of shoes, but if you’re looking for a reliable choice that won’t disappoint, you can’t go wrong purchasing the Echelon 7s.


  • Great for people with underpronation
  • Perfect for walking on the road
  • Made of mesh to promote better airflow for your feet


  • Not made for trails and harsher terrain
  • Not as lightweight as other shoes we’ll discuss

Best for Flat Feet

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

Flat feet, or overpronation, are when the arches of your feet go entirely flat when you walk. Flat feet can sometimes cause you to have problems in your ankles and knees, so we found the best shoe to help with flat feet.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 comes with a midsole that’s catered to support proper pronation, or keeping your arches from flattening. Keeping your pronation correct will help avoid future injuries on your limbs when walking longer distances.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 also comes with BioMogo DNA, which helps with extra support in the heel and forefoot of the shoe. This technology gives you nearly 30 percent extra cushioning.

One customer said, “The Hollistic Support System supports the medial part of the arch and the lateral portion of the heel, thereby giving a balanced underfoot performance.”

Overall, this is the best shoe for flat feet. You’ll get extra cushioning for your heel and a strong support if your arches tend to go flat.


  • Keeps your feet properly aerated
  • Strong pronation support
  • Strong platform for longer walks


  • Could be uncomfortable for people without overpronation
  • Bulky

Best for High Arches

3. Asics Gel-Cumulus 20

Like the Echelon 7 s, the Asics Gel Cumulus 20s are a great choice if you have higher arches on your feet. Higher arches can sometimes lead to underpronation, so you’ll want to plan ahead to avoid future injuries.

However, the Gel Cumulus 20s have even more cushion in the midsole than the Echelon 7s, making them the best pair on the market for high arches.

The shoe comes with Asics own technology, the FluidRide. This cushion on the sole gives you a bounce-back that customers say makes them feel much lighter.

The Cumulus 20 also has the Flytefoam on the padding that promotes a springier bounce when walking. This will put less stress on your feet and should lead to fewer injuries.

Asics also added reflective materials for people that like to walk at night. The technology brightens the shoe during low-light hours.

If you have high arches and want to avoid injuries, the Asics Gel-Cumulus 20 gives you the comfort and durability that you’ll want.


  • Great for walking at night
  • AHAR rubber that keeps the shoe durable
  • Extremely light


  • Little tight in the heel
  • Takes a little time to break in

Most Cushioned

4. Hoka One One Bondi 6

The Hoki One One Bondi 6 is the most comfortable shoe we found without sacrificing durability.

The Bondi 6 is comfortable in part due to Hoki’s cushioned EVA midsole. The cushion is thick and molds to your feet when you step. The cushion is also made of mesh, so it won’t overheat your feet when walking.

The shoe comes with Hoki’s Meta Rocker technology that comes in the mid and outsole. The Meta Rocker keeps your forefoot smooth and stable.

One customer said, “The cushion is amazing! It is light, responsive, durable and smooth!” If comfort is your priority, go with the Hoki One One Bondi 6.


  • Better durability than its previous model
  • Great for wider feet
  • Most cushioned shoe for walking


  • Not good if you want a minimalist shoe or less cushion
  • Much bulkier due to the cushion

Best If You Have Bunions

5. Altra Paradigm 4

Bunions are a common issue if you walk a lot. We found the Altra Paradigm 4 is the best shoe to avoid getting bunions.

You can get bunions by wearing shoes that are too tight or narrow, so the Altra Paradigm 4 has ample room to avoid putting too much pressure on your feet.

The midsole is made up of a strong plush cushion. It gives you a lot of comfort, but doesn’t sacrifice space.

One customer said, “My foot is more stabilized inside the shoe. Still great padding but not as squishy and more responsive. Great show for flat feet and bunions.”

If you’re prone to getting bunions, go with the Altra Paradigm 4. You’ll get plenty of space, but also a strong stable base for your feet.


  • Not tight on your feet
  • Very low Toe-to-Heel drop
  • Flexible in the heel


  • On the heavy side
  • Not great if you have narrow feet

Top for Wide Feet

6. New Balance 1080v9

People with wide feet are more prone to bunions and blisters, so the New Balance 1080v9 has a foam midsole that provides a wider space for your feet.

Sometimes shoes for wider feet can be too wide, which can lead to injuries. So the 1080v9 comes with New Balance’s Ultraheel that keeps your feet in place so they don’t slip around.  

The Ultraheel will help balance out the wider midsole.

One New Balance customer said, “This is by far the best fitting and most comfortable neutral running shoe I have used, and I have tried that come in my width.”

While the New Balance 1080v9s may not be ideal for narrow feet, they’re the best option if you’re feet are wider.


  • Much lighter than the Altra Paradigm 4
  • Great for Road and Trails
  • Strong heel to keep your feet in place


  • Don’t last very long
  • A little narrow in the toes

Best for Heavy Walkers

7. Brooks Dyad 10

If you stomp your feet, or put a lot of pressure on your feet when you walk, the Brooks Dyad 10 balance your weight with a strong cushioned foundation.

These are the best shoes for heavy walkers.

Like the Adrenaline GTS 19, they come with a BioMogo DNA; giving you extra cushion to balance your heavy walking. The BioMogo will also adapt to each step, molding to balance how much pressure you put on your feet.


  • Strong air mesh for breathability
  • Strong cushion for heavy walking
  • Very stable to keep your feet from slipping


  • Not as flexible as other Brooks shoes
  • Not great if you have a high arch in your feet

Top for Narrow Feet

8. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

If you have narrow feet it can be a challenge finding shoes that don’t cause your feet to slip around. If you’re walking and your shoes don’t feet snugly, you could twist your ankle.

The shoes come with Flywire cables inside that help your feet from slipping around. This should help prevent injuries when you’re walking uphill or on rough terrain with narrow feet.

The Pegasus 35’s have padding that slips down the lower side of your ankle, giving extra support for your Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon is a common muscle that aches after a long walk.

The Pegasus 35 also comes with a full- length Zoom Air unit that many people found to be the best cushion out of the Nike shoes available.


  • Holds feet snug without being uncomfortable
  • Strong durability
  • Slanted heel for a smoother transition when walking


  • Some people find the extra cushion uncomfortable
  • Not great for people with wider feet

Best for Bad Knees

9. Hoka One One Clifton 5

The most common injury when running or walking occurs in the knee. Many people have shoes that don’t support your feet. This puts all the pressure on your knees.

The Hoka One One Clifton 5 was specifically designed with hi-abrasion rubber zones in the shoe to keep your weight balanced when you walk. This will take a lot of pressure of off your knees to help prevent injury or soreness.

The Clifton 5 also comes with Hoki’s EVA midsole, which provides extra support to spread your weight across your body. The cushion is made of mesh, so it won’t overheat your feet when walking.

Like the Bondi 6, the Meta Rocker technology keeps your forefoot smooth and stable. If you have to constantly maneuver your feet when you walk, you’ll put unwanted pressure on your knees.


  • Extremely light for how much support it provides
  • Keeps your feet cool
  • The neutral model is good for higher arches


  • Not great for trails and rough terrain
  • Large Heel-To-Toe Drop; not ideal for minimalists

Best for Walking on Concrete

10. On Cloud

If you don’t have a trail where you live, you’re likely walking on concrete. Overtime, this can be stressful on your feet.

ON’s Cloud shoes are the best for walking on concrete in the market. ON has cushion on the platform of the shoe that focuses on impact protection. This will protect your feet from harsh ground like concrete.

The Clouds also have extra room in the toe box. When you step on harsher environments, you’re tempted to maneuver your feet to spread some of the weight. Often, the weight goes to your toes.

One customer said, “The soles have been great as well. They really lessen the impact one has on concrete.”

ON also uses their new V model heel that has material to adapt to your feet. This will make sure you’re getting snug in the shoe, but leave enough space for breathability.


  • CloudTec rubber keeps it very durable
  • Lightweight for how much cushion is in the shoe
  • Flexible heel strap that adjusts to your feet


  • Many people complained about the soles letting stones inside the shoe

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