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God of War postmortem — The alternate design and story choices that might have been

God of War postmortem -- The alternate design and story choices that might have been

Some of the important thing moments and characters of God of War, the winner of Recreation of the Yr at The Recreation Awards, might have been very totally different.

Kratos might have gone on a journey together with his spouse, Faye, somewhat than his son, Atreus. He might have all the time used his blades, moderately than an ax. Kratos might have been a lot meaner than he was towards his son — to the purpose of youngster abuse. Kratos might not have been in God of War. He might have been as pleasant as Qui-Gon Jinn, Liam Neeson’s character within the Star Wars movies.

We did a postmortem interview with Cory Barlog, artistic director at Sony Interactive Leisure’s Santa Monica Studio, which created God of War with a staff of 300 individuals over 5 years or so.

On this excerpt, I’ve extracted the elements the place Barlog talks about totally different paths the story and recreation design might have taken. We might have had a really totally different God of War. Barlog refers to this as “agile storytelling,” the place the story modifications to go well with a bigger objective, resembling higher gameplay or improved writing. Or perhaps the actors thought of a greater option to categorical one thing within the story.

Right here’s an edited transcript of our interview. This excerpt is one of a number of from our fascinating interview with Barlog.

Above: Cory Barlog is artistic director at SIE Santa Monica Studios and the director on God of War.

Picture Credit score: Sony

GamesBeat: How did you deal with these expectations about God of War? Individuals had performed three of them already. What have been the followers going to anticipate of you?

Barlog: That strain is all the time there, that sense of—how a lot is an excessive amount of? How a lot are they going to simply accept? What’s going to be the bridge too far, the change you make that makes everyone freak out? The leap, eliminating the bounce, I used to be advised by so much of individuals that was going to be the factor that everyone actually will get upset about.

GamesBeat: There have been quite a bit of tales about that when it was introduced.

Barlog: You took the bounce out! #NotMyGodOfWar! So much of individuals, once we introduced, had points with sure issues. However nonetheless, I feel individuals stored an open thoughts. They’d say one thing on the web, however I feel they nonetheless had the thought that, “I’ll give it a shot. I may hate it, but I’ll give it a shot because I like the other games.” I assumed that was cool.

GamesBeat: There have been issues like preventing with the ax. You’ll be able to’t actually inform everybody that you’re not all the time going to battle with an ax.

Barlog: That was irritating. I used to be so huge on preserving the key of the blades. However I used to be getting bombarded. Why do we would like this new weapon? Nobody cares about this new weapon! We would like the blades of chaos! I needed to have the ability to inform everybody, “Don’t worry. It’s gonna be fine.”

However what I used to be feeling protected in is that so much of individuals on the unique video games have been already nonetheless on the studio, or I introduced them again to the studio. Eric Williams, the man who constructed Kratos within the first recreation, he was the fight designer. One of the handful of the individuals in the whole recreation business who I belief implicitly. He might say, “I’m gonna go do something,” and I don’t want to listen to anymore. I belief him to do it as a result of I do know it’ll be nice. He was an enormous half of with the ability to really feel snug making an attempt a model new weapon. He and I principally have been those who broke down all of Kratos’s blade strikes. I knew we might do it once more. I knew it will be exhausting, as a result of of the expectation, however I knew we might do it.

Look! Kratos isn't yelling!

Above: Who wants an ax?

Picture Credit score: GamesBeat

Him, plus Vincent Napoli, who was principally the primary man on all of this—Vincent was truly the man who got here up with the ax. We have been doing the ax initially and I knew we might do one thing fancy with it, however I needed to see if we might concentrate on simply getting the holding of the ax and swinging it—make that really feel prefer it had a unique method of connecting with the enemies. As a result of when you get misplaced in throwing it and placing all the consequences on the display, you lose monitor of the shut, intimate elements.

However he was so impatient, him and this man George Mawle, the programmer—they’d each been engaged on the know-how so that it wouldn’t simply be an animation. Throw the ax and it comes again. It will be technologically pushed, so it might stick anyplace on the planet. That they had a skunk works factor happening for months with out telling anybody, and then they confirmed me, proper on the time once I thought we had the inspiration in there—they stated, “Good, because here’s what we’ve got for this throwing thing.” I stated, “I love it!” They usually stated, “Really? Because we thought you were going to yell at us.” “Why would I yell at you? This is amazing!”

That entire genesis of determining the ax—it appears to be born of lots of individuals being very passionate and making an attempt various things. However they regretted it very shortly after that, as a result of then in each evaluation—I used to be actually simply strolling by means of a degree throwing the ax at issues and seeing what it will stick in or not. All of the artists have been like, “Ugh.” There’s no collision right here, no collision there. “Yeah, because we haven’t gotten to that yet!” “But I can throw the ax through it! Put collision on there!” The ax turned the bane of the developer’s existence, as a result of I used to be so in love with throwing it.

GamesBeat: I used to be interested in how quickly the father-son idea got here into it, or how quickly the Norse theme got here into it.

Barlog: The father-son got here first and then the Norse myths got here second. Once I first began speaking to Shannon, I feel in perhaps February of 2013, the thought was germinating. I didn’t verbalize it very eloquently. However once I obtained to the studio in June, I began speaking to everyone about, all proper—the primary concept wasn’t that he was his organic son. We have been going to have this child there and you have been by no means going to know why he was even there.

As I began digging into the story, I assumed, OK, there are so much of neat concepts in right here, actually cool concepts about who Kratos is, who we’re—the actual cementing of that idea was once I obtained again to the studio and noticed that everyone was previous, like me. All of us have been older. We have been so thumb-our-nose-at-authority younger once I began in 2003. Everyone had youngsters. Everyone was grey. We have been all wanting much more drained than we have been earlier than.

Once we talked about issues, we talked about them differently. We was a really combative group. Typically the combative was simply to be combative. Now it was this extra measured approach of approaching issues. I felt like these builders that I’d provide you with—we’d all been aside for years, and we got here again collectively feeling like we’d modified in a really fascinating approach. It’s not that we have been totally different individuals. We’d simply aged.

I assumed that was it. That plus having a son, what that modifications, what you undergo. That is what it’s. Then it was like—individuals weren’t that into it. “I don’t get it. Why are we putting a kid in here? That’s weird.” Even Jason McDonald, the lead fight man, he had stated a number of occasions, “I have a kid. Thinking about going into these scenarios, I don’t want a kid around me. That’s dangerous.” It resonated with him, however in a bizarre, protecting means.

Above: Atreus: Why isn’t my dad extra caring?

Picture Credit score: Sony

GamesBeat: There was this primary smart factor about it the place—I used to be not an enormous fan of God of War one, two, and three. I used to be not a God of War individual. However I might get right into a father-son story. That’s extra universally interesting. It allows you to do that reboot and get that recent begin with so much of individuals. Was that an argument for it? What made you stick with it?

Barlog: There’s a pair of issues. There was this sense that—I used to be telling individuals that we’d by no means actually had a personality—or perhaps we have and I’m flawed. Any person on the web will name me out on this. However we’ve by no means actually had a personality that you grew with. You play this character, and then 20 years later in your personal life, you play this character once more and they’re additional of their life as properly. You’re rising on a constant arc with them. They’re altering. For me, I assumed that was actually fascinating.

GamesBeat: You had this design freedom. I’m interested by what that truly meant. Whenever you talked to your bosses, what have been these conversations like? How did you get the license to only do what you thought was greatest?

Barlog: Some of it offers with the very fact that I labored on the franchise earlier than. However I feel that’s a small half. The purpose that occurs is, individuals like Shannon Studstill and Yumi Yang. Principally, the 2 companions I had by way of this complete undertaking. They’re the shields and they’re the swords. They shield and then they battle again the hordes.

Shannon is there on a regular basis letting everyone know—even should you’re not seeing something, good issues are occurring. Have religion. She’s a staunch defender of the artistic course of. She is aware of that the artistic course of doesn’t all the time bear fruit for some time. It’s straightforward to get nervous. “Nothing’s being shown. Are you guys messing this up?” At occasions we present them stuff and that’s what they assume. “You’re messing this up. This is terrible.” However it’s the sense of having that partnership the place—you all the time have any person who has your again.

At first, the very starting, there have been a couple of discussions with sure teams inside the firm that had stated, “I don’t think you should keep Kratos.” Sure individuals have been saying that retaining Kratos was a good suggestion. I used to be being very closed about how a lot info I used to be handing out, however all of them assumed that if I stored Kratos, we’d simply make one other God of War. On the excessive degree I used to be saying, “We’re not going to do that. I’m not telling you what it is yet, but here’s the little bits of information.”

They stated, “We think it’s a bad idea to keep Kratos. I don’t understand.” One individual even stated, “Is he going to put a backpack on and walk up to Scandinavia?” On the time we have been fairly shut to creating that choice. We have been within the last stretches, however we weren’t telling everybody on the firm about it. He stated that negatively, however it was truly, actually, that’s what we have been going to do. I pitched him, the identical one that stated that, a few month later when the whole lot was finalized, and he stated, “I love this.”

It was a great instance of that sense of—we don’t know what we would like. We expect we all know we don’t need one thing. However in case you can work out the proper combination, all of the sudden it sounds nice. That’s a testomony to, one, the artistic help I have from the companions, and two, not telling anyone something till I figured all of it out. Once you pitch a half-baked concept it’s really easy for somebody to select it aside and hate on it.

Above: The Norse world is scarier than the Greek world.

Picture Credit score: Sony

GamesBeat: Did you bounce it off of anybody like Shannon? Or did you go to Shannon saying, “Here’s why you should trust me because I’m going to figure it out”?

Barlog: Shannon, I’ve labored together with her since 2003. Her and Yumi, I have an inherent belief with them. However she’ll say, “Barlog, you have to get it together. I need a pitch. I need to know what’s going on.” There was a second, once I had realized that we have been writing the flawed recreation in our first draft—the main target went away from the father-son story and went much more into the plotting and all the opposite stuff. That was seven or eight months and I needed to throw all of it out. We had an overview and the whole lot and I needed to get rid of it. I knew it will make the writers upset.

I went to lunch with Shannon and stated, “I know you’ll get upset about this, but I’ve been going down a blind alley. I have to go back out and re-assess. Here’s my high level.” This was earlier than the motion and the mom. This was simply Kratos and his son on a journey. It had no coronary heart to it. I noticed that we have been within the center of a story, however not in a great way. I stated, “I don’t have it all figured out yet, but here’s the highest level. It’s Kratos and Atreus trying to go to the highest mountain to spread his dead mother’s ashes.” She stated, “All right. Do it.”

It was actually—at some other firm you’d have to have proof and schedules and budgets and danger assessments and all that stuff to make that type of change. It was at lunch the place I gave her one sentence and she stated, “You’re right. That’s better.” Earlier than, she wasn’t saying what I used to be doing was mistaken, as a result of I don’t assume both of us had figured it out but. However as soon as I’d gotten to that one sentence, there it’s. That’s it. That’s the factor. I stored telling everybody, “This is what we’re doing. This is the goal.”

Then that turned the battle of, nicely, who’s the large dangerous man? After a yr and a half, two years, I assumed, nicely, there’s not going to be an antagonist in the identical trend. The antagonist is Kratos. It’s his incapability to be open, his incapability to truly be a dad. Baldur is a mirror. He’s not even an antagonist. He’s a mirror. His relationship with Freya is that this sense of—she held on too tight. She made selections for him. In doing so, she destroyed the connection. That is the cautionary story for Kratos. Don’t make selections in your child. It’s not going to end up nicely. He wants that reminder.

Each single component of the story offers with familial relationships. Always, each character he interacts with is educating him a superb or a nasty lesson, a warning. Don’t go down this street, or you need to take heed to me about the right way to be a household, the best way to be half of a household, and the duty. Whether or not you’re a child or an grownup in that household, you have a duty towards the communication and well-being of the household.

GamesBeat: I feel of some of these video games that have appeared as linear with a hub. Tomb Raider, the current one, they referred to as it a hub. You may do rather a lot of totally different sorts of missions, however there’s just one approach out of it. Ultimately you go to the endgame from there. The most up-to-date Uncharted had that giant degree as nicely, the place you might go anyplace within the hub space.

Barlog: We did that within the earlier God of War video games. You had the architect’s temple, on the again of Cronos. That was an enormous hub-based factor with the concentric rings. God of War 2 was more durable as a result of we have been doing the journey. We had little hubs right here and there, however that was what we have been leaning on as properly. Create a large-scale hub that basically modifications every time you come again, that was truly an enormous gadget that you have to determine when you understand, “Oh my gosh, this is all connected.”

There was far more ambition. At one level there have been like six water ranges you have been draining. You’d drain all of the water out and have that entire open space. We had a lot loopy stuff happening in there. I didn’t understand, “OK, this is way too much. It’s overwhelming. You can’t process it.” We found how exhausting it was for individuals to know the realms, the thought that the realms all exist on prime of one another, virtually in several dimensions. The concept that you’re in a single realm or the opposite and they share the identical area, simply in a unique dimension of understanding—that was actually difficult till we found out a number of elegant, straightforward methods to elucidate it.

Above: I detect a set piece coming in God of War.

Picture Credit score: Sony

GamesBeat: There’s this want for the standard set items. That and the excessive high quality. You continue to needed these cinematic moments, like the start of Uncharted, when he falls out of the aircraft. You need these huge moments, however you don’t essentially need them to be excessive anymore. I feel of Simply Trigger four as utterly excessive. You are able to do any loopy factor there’s and put it on YouTube and everyone would snigger.

Barlog: I feel the best way we described it to the workforce – to me, this was the breakthrough second, collectively – what we did earlier than, in a non-pejorative, non-negative approach, was like Marvel comics. What we’re doing now’s like Marvel movie. You’ll be able to take one thing like a battle between Captain America and Iron Man and you set it within the movie and it’s one thing my mother would watch. However my mother wouldn’t learn a Captain America comedian guide.

We had an identical factor. We began taking a look at our idea artwork, at some of the methods we’d executed issues earlier than. That was the aim. This was Conflict of the Titans meets Heavy Metallic journal. It was massive and bombastic and excessive. I don’t assume that was a nasty factor. Nevertheless it was fascinating to see if we might make the MCU transition. Let’s see if we will make the identical enjoyable loopy issues – they’re preventing on the again of a dragon, hanging off the wings – however we deal with it in a barely totally different method. The grounding provides it a higher impression.

I feel there are nonetheless locations for video games like Bayonetta and Satan My Cry that have this fantastically bombastic feeling to them. However I additionally assume there’s an area to do this concept to transition into one thing that feels huge and excessive, however reserved or reined-in simply sufficient to make it really feel such as you’re actually there.

GamesBeat: I learn that one of the belongings you thought-about was having his spouse as a secondary character, as an alternative of his son.

Barlog: Yeah, that was—once I was initially fascinated by stuff, the thought of having Kratos and Faye was there. The story behind their assembly is basically good. I used to be fighting whether or not I needed to inform that on this recreation, whether or not that was going to be the opening prologue. You’d have a one-hour prologue. However this wasn’t the correct place. I needed this to actually land, and I feel the funding into a personality is so nice that you have to decide to only one. I couldn’t do a separate character and then play the entire recreation with Atreus.

I noticed that I didn’t know if I needed your complete recreation to be Kratos and Faye as a result of of what we have been going to disclose, as a result of of the way it all lays out. You sort of need to discover that stuff and then see what the connection between Kratos and Faye was like. Should you do it the opposite means first, there’s a lot you couldn’t inform. You couldn’t actually speak about something in the course of the Kratos and Faye story. To me, throughout that interval of time, there’s tons of interactions with the opposite deities.