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Gboard v7.7 beta prepares to launch a clipboard manager, may be enhancing voice typing, and more [APK Teardown]

Gboard v7.7 beta prepares to launch a clipboard manager, may be enhancing voice typing, and more [APK Teardown]

The newest Gboard replace is rolling out to the beta channel, and this one comes with the promise of a very closely requested function: Clipboard integration. Quickly we’ll be in a position to copy stacks of issues between purposes with out hopping again and forth for every and each line. There are additionally fascinating strings suggesting we’d get improved voice typing.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are based mostly on proof discovered inside apks (Android’s software package deal) and are essentially speculative and often based mostly on incomplete info. It is attainable that the guesses made listed here are incorrect or inaccurate. Even when predictions are right, there’s all the time a probability that merchandise might change or may be canceled. Very similar to rumors, nothing is for certain till it is formally introduced and launched.

The options mentioned under are in all probability not reside but, or may solely be reside for a small proportion of customers. Until said in any other case, do not anticipate to see these options in case you set up the apk. All screenshots and photographs are actual until in any other case said, and photographs are solely altered to take away private info.

Clipboard supervisor

We beforehand got here throughout the primary hints of a clipboard supervisor a couple months in the past with the v7.5 teardown, however fairly a bit more has been added and it appears like this factor may be prepared to launch.

The unique hints did not actually element a lot, nevertheless it was a protected guess that this may be a pretty conventional clipboard supervisor with a historical past of copied textual content that would be pasted in from a listing. With the textual content on this replace, that may now be confirmed. Moreover, there are strains displaying that it’ll additionally be attainable to pin gadgets in order that they’ll stay completely out there. That is notably helpful for issues like mailing addresses, e-mail, ready textual content messages, and so on.

<string identify=”feature_card_clipboard_title”>Copy &amp; paste with clipboard</string>
<string identify=”feature_card_clipboard_description”>Now you can copy a number of items of textual content to your clipboard so you possibly can paste them later.</string><string identify=”clipboard_access_point_content_desc”>Clipboard</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_add_content_desc”>Add one merchandise</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_batch_delete_content_desc”>Delete chosen gadgets</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_batch_pin_content_desc”>Pin chosen gadgets</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_batch_unpin_content_desc”>Unpin chosen gadgets</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_body_empty_label”>Empty in clipboard</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_body_empty_tutorial_label”>Copy a clip and it is going to present up right here.</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_close_edit_content_desc”>Shut edit menu</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_edit_content_desc”>Open edit menu</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_header_name”>Clipboard</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_header_select_label_default_hint”>Choose Gadgets</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_header_select_label_selected_number_hint”>%d chosen</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_inactive_empty_reason”>Disabled as a result of empty clipboard</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_others_separator”>OTHERS</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_pinned_separator”>PINNED</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_tooltip_hint_click”>Faucet to paste.</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_tooltip_hint_long_click”>Lengthy press to delete or pin.</string>
<string identify=”clipboard_tooltip_text”>Right here is the clipboard</string><string identify=”item_board_delete_button_content_desc”>Delete merchandise</string>
<string identify=”item_board_paste_button_content_desc”>Paste merchandise</string>
<string identify=”item_board_pin_button_content_desc”>Pin merchandise</string>
<string identify=”keyboard_type_clipboard”>clipboard</string><string identify=”pref_key_clipboard_first_time_to_use”>clipboard_first_time_to_use</string>
<string identify=”pref_key_clipboard_tooltip_shown_times”>clipboard_hint_shown_times</string><string identify=”show_popup_for_item_board”>Present detailed info for a clip merchandise.</string><string identify=”add_clip_item_dialog_cancel”>CANCEL</string>
<string identify=”add_clip_item_dialog_confirm”>SAVE</string>
<string identify=”add_clip_item_dialog_shown”>Dialog proven to add clip merchandise.</string>
<string identify=”add_clip_item_dialog_title”>Add a new merchandise</string>
<string identify=”add_item_dialog_no_text_input_toast”>Please enter some textual content earlier than saving.</string><string identify=”show_popup_for_undo_delete”>Undo delete view proven.</string>
<string identify=”undo_delete_popup_button_label”>UNDO</string>
<string identify=”undo_delete_popup_label”>%d gadgets deleted.</string>
<string identify=”undo_delete_popup_label_for_single_item”>1 merchandise deleted.</string><string identify=”system_property_enable_clipboard”>ro.com.google.ime.clipboard</string>

The clipboard integration hasn’t gone reside for me but, however it seems to be like all the mandatory textual content, icons, and layouts are right here. There’s even textual content for a function card. I would not be stunned to see this going reside earlier than the subsequent model. I’ve solely tried tinkering with it for a second, however I am going to see about enabling this shortly.

More themes

Talking of function playing cards, textual content for an additional function card was added that promotes 53 new colour themes. I do not see something remotely like that from wanting by means of the APK, however the identify for one new theme was added: Sand.

<string identify=”feature_card_first_party_theme_regal_title”>Change keyboard by colours</string>
<string identify=”feature_card_first_party_theme_regal_description”>53 new themes so you’ll be able to have a personalised, colourful expertise.</string><string identify=”kb_theme_color_sand”>Sand Theme</string>

Sand does not seem within the record for me after updating, and that is not the one one. At the very least a few of the others listed within the APK appear to be lacking, so maybe there’s a huge reveal coming quickly.

On-device voice typing

Voice typing has been a function of Gboard since earlier than it was even referred to as Gboard. Whereas it hasn’t actually modified a lot through the years, there’s a lot of latest textual content which may point out one thing is about to occur. These additions appear to describe one thing that’s virtually precisely like the present offline speech recognition, however with potential efficiency and privateness enhancements.

Particularly, one line explains which you could make voice typing quicker by enabling on-device voice typing. One other line is a description of a choice that permits your voice and surrounding audio to enhance speech recognition, however this one reads a bit like an opt-in that sends the audio again to Google.

<string identify=”setting_agsa_voice_typing_settings”>Voice typing settings</string>
<string identify=”setting_agsa_voice_typing_settings_summary”>Handle all different settings associated to voice typing</string><string identify=”voice_activity_pref_title”>Voice &amp; Audio Exercise</string>
<string identify=”voice_activity_pref_summary_text”>Data your voice and audio on Google providers to enhance speech recognition.</string>
<string identify=”voice_activity_pref_summary_learn_more”>Study more</string><string identify=”voice_notification_on_device_title”>Make voice typing quicker?</string>
<string identify=”voice_notification_on_device_content”>Faucet to allow on-device voice typing (US English, 85MB obtain)</string>
<string identify=”voice_notification_on_device_progress”>Downloading on-device voice fashions</string>
<string identify=”voice_notification_on_device_enable”>ENABLE</string>
<string identify=”voice_notification_on_device_no_thanks”>NO THANKS</string><string identify=”setting_enable_ondevice_voice”>On-device voice for English</string>
<string identify=”setting_enable_ondevice_voice_summary”>”Run voice typing offline for a faster experience. Speech won’t be sent to Google or stored (US English, 85MB download)”</string><string identify=”voice_language_picker_title”>Select your speech language</string>
<string identify=”voice_snackbar_button”>Permit</string>
<string identify=”voice_snackbar_text”>Gboard wants microphone entry so as to allow voice typing.</string>
<string identify=”voice_start_privacy_toast”>”On-device voice typing is active. Speech won’t be sent to Google or stored”</string>

Whereas all of this sounds pretty regular, there was one anomaly that stood out. In a single line of textual content, the English speech recognition pack was described as 85 MB, which is considerably bigger than the 49 MB for the present speech pack. This alone has me fairly suspicious concerning the potential implications of an enhanced speech interpreter.

New languages

Left: v7.6. Proper: v7.7.

With new variations comes help for more languages. Whereas it is arduous to determine every and each one, I can a minimum of present the listing of the names added and hopefully you will acknowledge one which issues to you or these in your life. (Sorry, some names and letters are misplaced as a results of software program that does not help all alphabets, which is why they’ve query marks or packing containers in your browser.)

Language tag

Localized names for sub-locales

  • ????? [bal_XT]
  • ?????? [bgq_XU]
  • ??????? [blk_MM]
  • ???? ??? [bpy_XT]
  • Br?hu? [brh_PK]
  • Nkob? Bulu [bum_CM]
  • Chahta [cho_US]
  • ?????????? [cu_RU]
  • ??????? [dhd_XT]
  • Gedeo [drs_ET]
  • Kadazandusun [dtp_MY]
  • Bahasa Hulontalo [gor_ID]
  • Wayuunaiki [guc_CO]
  • Migulimancema [gux_BF]
  • Ekegusii [guz_KE]
  • Harar [hae_ET]
  • Kihehe [heh_TZ]
  • ????? [hoj_XT]
  • Iban [iba_MY]
  • Iu Mienh [ium_CN]
  • ???????????? [kaa_XB]
  • Jinghpaw [kac_MM]
  • Kikamba [kam_KE]
  • “Q’eqchi'” [kek_GT]
  • Okay?rmancki [kiu_TR]
  • ????? ???? [koi_RU]
  • ?????? [kok_XU]
  • Olukonjo [koo_UG]
  • ?????? [kok_XU]
  • Olukonjo [koo_UG]
  • ????????? [kum_RU]
  • ???????????????? [kxm_TH]
  • Lugbara [lgg_UG]
  • ??????? [lif_XD]
  • L?v? [liv_LV]
  • ?????? [lmn_XU]
  • ??? [lo_XT]
  • Dholuo [luo_KE]
  • “Basa Mangkasara'” [mak_ID]
  • Bahasa Pasar [max_ID]
  • Okay?m??r? [mer_KE]
  • Okay?m??r? [mer_KE]
  • ???? ????? [ms_XF]
  • ????? [mup_XT]
  • Chindau [ndc_ZW]
  • ??????? [noe_XT]
  • Deitsch [pdc_US]
  • ???? [ps_XT]
  • Sasak [sas_ID]
  • Sooninkanxanne [snk_ML]
  • ?l?nski [szl_PL]
  • ????? [taj_NP]
  • Ateso [teo_UG]
  • Tol??? [tly_AZ]
  • Trinidadian Creole [trf_TT]
  • ??????? [xnr_XT]
  • Likpakpaln [xon_GH]


  • Arabic (Algeria) [ar_DZ]
  • Arabic [ar_EG]
  • Arabic (Morocco) [ar_MA]
  • Arabic (Oman) [ar_OM]
  • Arabic (Morocco) [ar_MA]
  • Arabic (Oman) [ar_OM]
  • “Pa’O Karen” [blk_MM]
  • Brahui [brh_PK]
  • Bulu-Bene (Cameroon) [bum_CM]
  • Choctaw (US) [cho_US]
  • Church Slavonic [cu_RU]
  • Gedeo (Ethiopia) [drs_ET]
  • Kadazandusun (Malaysia) [dtp_MY]
  • Gorontalo (Indonesia) [gor_ID]
  • Gorontalo (Indonesia) [gor_ID]
  • Japanese Oromo (Ethiopia)> [hae_ET]
  • Hehe (Tanzania) [heh_TZ]
  • Iban [iba_MY]
  • Iu Mien [ium_CN]
  • Iu Mien [ium_CN]
  • Kekchi [kek_GT]
  • Kirmanjki (Turkey) [kiu_TR]
  • Komi-Permyak (Russia) [koi_RU]
  • Konzo [koo_UG]
  • Karay-a (Philippines) [krj_PH]
  • Karelian [krl_RU]
  • Kumyk [kum_RU]
  • Khmer Surin [kxm_TH]
  • Lugbara [lgg_UG]
  • Limbu [lif_XD]
  • Livonian (Latvia) [liv_LV]
  • Luo [luo_KE]
  • Makassarese (Indonesia) [mak_ID]
  • North Moluccan Malay (Indonesia) [max_ID]
  • Meru (Kenya) [mer_KE]
  • Malay (Latin) (Malaysia) [ms_MY]
  • Malay (Latin) (Singapore) [ms_SG]
  • Malay (Arabic) (Malaysia) [ms_XC]
  • Malay (Arabic) (Brunei) [ms_XF]
  • Ndau [ndc_ZW]
  • Pennsylvania Dutch [pdc_US]
  • Sasak (Indonesia) [sas_ID]
  • Soninke [snk_ML]
  • Silesian [szl_PL]
  • Japanese Tamang (Nepal) [taj_NP]
  • Teso [teo_UG]
  • Talysh (Azerbaijan) [tly_AZ]
  • Trinidadian Creole English [trf_TT]
  • Konkomba [xon_GH]


  • Baoul? [baoule]
  • Baoul? [baoule]
  • abc ? ???????? [bns_transliteration]
  • abc ? ????????????? ??????? [bpy_beng_transliteration]
  • Cree [cree]
  • Fantse [fantse]
  • Gagauz [gagauz]
  • Ibibio [ibibio_dynamic]
  • Ibibio [ibibio_dynamic]
  • Lakota [lakota]
  • Pontic Greek [pontic]
  • Rangpuri [rangpuri]
  • Romani [romani]
  • ?????? [russian_jcuken]
  • abc ? ???? [tcy_knda_transliteration]


The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your present app. The cryptographic signature ensures that the file is protected to set up and was not tampered with in any approach. Relatively than anticipate Google to push this obtain to your units, which may take days, obtain and set up it identical to some other APK.

Gboard - the Google Keyboard
Gboard - the Google Keyboard