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Best Power Meter Pedals – Bike Rider’s Guide to Compare Garmin, Favero, PowerTap and SRM (not a review) the5krunner Best Power Meter, power meter, Power Meter Pedals, Review

Power Meter Pedals,Assioma and Vector 2 sans pod

Selecting the Best Power Meter Pedals is a smart approach forwards for many cyclists wanting to get into the “training with power” recreation. The primary caveat to a choice to purchase power meter pedals is their COST. Let’s assume you CAN afford a price ticket of round £/$/Eu500 and upwards. This leaves the query “Which mannequin to go for?“.

The most effective power meter (hyperlink to: ‘best power meter’ information) is a considerably elusive beast and, in actuality, your good power meter will rely in your exact utilization intentions.

Power Meter Pedals,Assioma and Vector 2 sans pod

Power Meter Pedals,Assioma and Vector 2 sans pod

Power meters are nonetheless costly. Dial the clock again a few years and they have been much more costly than now.

It simply made theoretical sense to have one power meter that the extra critical bike owner might simply swap from bike to bike. You need to get tremendous-constant readings from one calibrated gadget (pedals) throughout a number of bikes AND additionally save your self a fairly sum by not having to purchase two, three or extra power meters to cowl all of your bikes. You’d in all probability even pay a premium for that one ‘cover-all’ answer.

Garmin thought so.

Convey on Garmin’s Vector (1) at $1500 in 2013

There was clearly a massive margin there for Garmin at $1500rrp. To counter that price ticket, there have been additionally many advantages from coaching with power and the market was steadily rising as a end result. Such worth tags in a rising market additionally appeared like a enterprise alternative to PowerTap, who already made bike power meters. And it additionally appeared like a enterprise alternative to Favero, who had little to do with biking in any respect.

Earlier than we knew it the power meter pedal market had competitors.

Garmin Vector 2 and Favero BePro Pedal ComparisonGarmin Vector 2 and Favero BePro Pedal Comparison

bePRO vs. Vector 2

These are the timescales displaying the brand new fashions:

  • Garmin Vector: Q3.2013
  • Garmin Vector 2: Q2.2015
  • PowerTap P1: Q3.2015
  • Favero bePRO: Q3.2015
  • Favero ASSIOMA: Q3.2017 (Q2.2018, notable firmware replace)
  • Garmin Vector three: This fall.2017
  • SRM Actual: Q2. 2018

Look KEO Power/Polar and shoe-based mostly merchandise excluded.

There are single-sided power variations out there which could rely as new fashions, regardless of being in any other case similar.

We’ll look in additional element at a number of the following factors however what stands out to me probably the most within the evolution of the power meter pedal over current years is:

  1. The designs have advanced to, err, look precisely like correct pedals. Meaning Garmin’s pods have gone on Vector three and ASSIOMA’s hub doesn’t get in the best way a lot.
  2. The designs have refined to be extra simply moved from bike to bike – which, in any case, is among the key the reason why you may purchase power meter pedals!

There are nonetheless nuances between present power meter pedal fashions and their detailed compatibilities with all flavours of headset (biking computer systems) and tri watches. The overall state of play in Might 2018 is:

  • Accuracy – usually ‘good‘
  • Ease of Installation – pretty much as simple as it can get in the latest models
  • Price – from several hundred to around on thousand Eu/$/GBP… prices should adjust downwards as time passes.
  • Consolidation of features – ANT+ & BLE/BTLE (to cover Zwift), single-sided and dual-sided, easy calibration, battery type & performance, cadence and other peripheral metrics.
  • Durability/Servicability – not widely appreciated. Changing a battery or bearing or even the initial installation might require your power meter to be sent away.
  • Customer Service – generally good.

Despite being a highly credible option, PowerTap P1 sales have notably declined. ASSIOMA may even be the market leader over Vector 3. ASSIOMA and Vector 3 are highly similar in most respects, except price. Perhaps Garmin looks sleeker.

Market Shares:

  • Favero ASSIOMA – 45%
  • Garmin VECTOR 3 – 45%
  • PowerTap P1 – 10%

Source: Guestimates by PowerMeterCity & Me

Product Issues:

Whilst many might note how difficult it is to bring out a new power meter that works. I’d level out that Favero did it with the bePRO and with the ASSIOMA – each of which just about labored as described from day 1. But it’s Garmin’s Vector three that has hardware points that require a redesigned battery cap (Might 2018). That kinda negates the premium for the Garmin identify, for my part. Is it $200 prettier?…in all probability not. However it’s fairly.

Different present points are a common lack of availability. This could begin to be rectified from now to mid-June 2018.

Product Pricing (as at 15 Might 2018):

This provides you a flavour of what to anticipate

PowerMeterCity CleverTraining CyclePowerMeters CleverTraining PowerMeter 24 PowerMeter 24 USA USA UK UK UK EU Favero ASSIOMA $799 $799 £719 £729 £694.32 Eu789 Garmin VECTOR three $999 $999 £849 £849 £878.24 Eu998 PowerTap P1 $799 $799 £749 £999 £791.12 Eu899 SRM EXACT Single $899 Favero Assioma Single $519 $519 £449 £455 £430.32 Eu489 Garmin Vector three Single $599 $599 £499 £499 £526.24 Eu598 PowerTap P1 Single $529 $529 £475 OOS £491.92 Eu559 consists of GST+ supply consists of GST+ supply consists of vat+ eu supply consists of vat+ eu supply Import Taxes/Duties all the time Excluded

I had a fast look within the UK at SigmaSports, Wiggle, Evans, SingleTrack Bikes, BikeFast and the costs are close to-equivalent. Apart from PowerTap.

Pricing within the USA tends to be extra managed by the producers whereas within the EU it’s extra managed by the producers decreasing the supplier margin, making discounting troublesome.You will get a 10% retailer credit score for DCR with Garmin at Intelligent coaching or you will get a 10% retailer credit score from right here with Garmin at PowerMeterCIty and your native bike store might even offer you a barely bigger low cost for those who purchased your bike there. There’s little or no level in devoting an excessive amount of time to purchasing round out there as it’s now. Perhaps you’ll save a tiny sum of money from shopping for from a smaller supplier. There shall be a cause for that….go determine.

Favero Assioma duo uno review p1 vectorFavero Assioma duo uno review p1 vector


When reductions are usually not allowed by the producer, then corporations like CleverTraining and PowerMeterCity might (& do) supply retailer credit score to be used towards later purchases of different merchandise.

Wherever you reside I might purchase from a supplier in your nation/area. You may save $/£/eu10 by delivery from abroad but when ever a return is required you’ll have notable prices.


The product launch timelines means that PowerTap might be due a P2 a while quickly. It’s unlikely there might be an ASSIOMA 2 or a Vector Four till 2019-2020.

I can’t see any nice new ‘invention’ to materially change pedal power meter performance (well-known final phrases).

I might anticipate a P2 to be a little smaller and a little extra correct.

In any other case, I anticipate the evolution new fashions to chip away on the comparatively small variety of points that want addressing, which vary from: accuracy; cleat compatibility; battery sort; help for carbon cranks; help for elliptical chainrings; battery life; sturdiness; particular metrics; and dimensions (stack peak and Q-issue).

There might be new entrants to the market. It’s began with SRM in Q2.2018, there shall be extra.

I’d say that, for most individuals (together with myself) that each one these points are sufficiently sorted out within the three main merchandise as of now. However there ARE variations so let’s come again to the current and take a look at the variations that exist in additional element.

Favero Assioma duo uno review p1 vectorFavero Assioma duo uno review p1 vector

Cleat-ASSIOMA Clearance

Best Power Meter Pedals – cleat decisions

I like Shimano cleats. They only appear to clip in higher for me. Sadly solely the older Garmin Vectors supported these (by way of a package).

ASSIOMA and Vector and LOOK/KEO suitable. P1 successfully is.

I exploit the KEO GRIP gray Four.5 diploma float. They appear a tad tight on the ASSIOMA and a tad looser on the Vector, cleat put on can also be a think about any obvious tightness or looseness. They appear wonderful on the P1 though different studies recommend the diploma of wear and tear of the cleat may be a issue within the snugness of the match.

zero levels and 9 levels (purple) float are additionally obtainable on LOOK. The which means of the color varies on different manufacturers (eg Shimano purple has no float whereas an Xpedo pink has 6 levels)

There are in all probability a lot of people that would fairly not use LOOK/KEO cleats however wouldn’t it be a sufficiently compelling function to get us to change manufacturers if somebody produced an in any other case inferior however Shimano-cleat suitable various? In all probability not.

Abstract – just about the identical throughout the three choices

Best Power Meter Pedals for Accuracy

There’s a entire can of worms ready to be opened on this matter that I mentioned in a little extra element right here

Most Correct Power Meter = Best Power Meter

With ASSIOMA’s new firmware for April 2018, listed here are the said producer accuracy ranges which at the moment are

  • Vector three – +/- 1%
  • PowerTap P1 – +/-1.5%
  • ASSIOMA – +/-1%
  • SRM Actual – +/-1.5%

Even when you’ve educated arduous sufficient to get your FTP over 300w then I reckon that degree of accuracy might be alright ie +/-3w to +/-Four.5w. Can you notice a 3w distinction on the street? I can’t. (Naturally absolutely the +/- numbers get greater with larger then FTP efforts).

Positive I might spot -3w someday and +Four.5w (ie 7.5w distinction) the subsequent day. However that hasn’t happended in my expertise. My expertise is that the accuracy appears constant on calibrated power meter pedals.

Favero declare with their ASSIOMA pedals that their new IAV power algorithm can ship additional elevated accuracies for the vagaries of ‘normal’ cyclists’ pedalling and driving traits. That sounds at the very least believable and subsequently you may marvel if the said accuracies of PowerTap and Garmin are literally right on your type.

Abstract: In all probability alright for almost all of us.

Power Meter Pedals – Battery Sort & Battery Life


  • Vector three – LR44 (over 100 hours)
  • PowerTap P1 – AAA Lithium (60 hours)
  • ASSIOMA – USB with customized pin connector (up to 50 hours)
  • SRM Actual – 100 hours rechargeable on a 5 hour cost up

Battery life is self-explanatory and I think even 50 hours is enough for many of us. Not for all although. Garmin nails the uber-battery life with SRM being a good second. However PowerTap wins on the practicalities of being simply in a position to purchase a spare battery in a random French Alpine village in the midst of summer time.

Abstract: Usually alright for everybody however Garmin wins for these with particular battery wants.

To PM24 in Europe and PMC in USA

Best Power Meter Pedals for Intelligent Metrics

Complete/L/R power and cadence are going to be most helpful and will prevent having a pesky further cadence sensor. Within the ANT+ world all ought to be good from the standard Lezyne Tremendous GPS up to the Edge 1030. Nevertheless even Suunto’s prime finish tri-watch will solely learn one-aspect of your power (and double it) however a three yr previous Polar V650 will fortunately learn proper and left power over BLE from the ASSIOMA.

The intelligent ANT+ metrics like Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness could be helpful to spot an anomaly and might be additional helpful for those who can hone in on that anomaly within the Left/Proper stability of the identical metrics.What to do about such an anomaly is one other matter totally!! These metrics are properly-supported on ANT+ suitable head models and watches however not on BLE ones.

PowerTap have some particular further metrics and Garmin have much more tremendous-intelligent ones. I might say that the majority of those are of little use to most individuals. However having stated that in case you have a particular bike match want or in case you are considering establishing OCP Q-Ring positions then a number of the further metrics (PCO and Power Part respectively) can be tremendous-helpful for very narrowly outlined use-instances.

Abstract: Usually alright for everybody however Garmin wins for these with particular knowledge metric wants. LAter in 2018 we expect the Favero Assioma to prolong their protection of biking dynamics metrics

Garmin Vector 2Garmin Vector 2

The Dangly Bit – even the previous Vector 2 pods by no means hit the ground

Power Meter Pedals – Sizings, Spacings, Type

These variations vary from the apparent to the very delicate. For instance Garmin have dropped the pods from the Vector 2. Should you look intently, ASSIOMA now successfully has an inbuilt spacer in contrast to the bePRO- the bePRO almost all the time wanted one or two washers whereas the ASSIOMA sometimes wants one washer to guarantee its hub doesn’t contact the crank arm.

The allen key/wrench or spanner at the moment are tremendous straightforward methods to suit your pedals. Apparently having the fitting torque is not as obligatory because it was with earlier variations.

Wanting on the dimensions of the merchandise, some might say the P1 appears barely chunkier. It seems high-quality to me. Then the important thing bodily elements which may have a bearing in your driving are weight, Q-Issue and Stack peak. When you don’t know what the final two are they’re virtually definitely of no relevance to you in any way.

PowerMeterCity – All stacked up and raring to go

Said Q-Elements

  • Garmin Vector three: 53mm
  • PowerTap P1: 54mm
  • Favero Assioma: 55mm
  • SRM EXACT: 54.6mm

Said Stack Heights

  • Garmin Vector three: 12.5mm
  • PowerTap P1: 14mm
  • Favero Assioma: 10.5mm
  • SRM EXACT 11.9mm

Said Weights

In case you are beneath 100kg then the bounds of rider weight won’t have an effect on you. In case you are over 100kg then maybe think about extra intently the P1.

Most of us are weight-weenies to a point. ASSIOMA & SRM EXACT are every about 305g/pair, the Vector three is 316g (ie the identical) however the P1 is over 100g heavier than the Vector three for a pair.

Abstract: 95% of you may be alright with the bodily aspect of the pedals. However even I might look twice at an additional 100g on the P1. Garmin &, probably, SRM are the prettiest

Garmin Vector 2 - InstallationGarmin Vector 2 - Installation

Ah the thrill of particular instruments.

Best Power Meter Pedals by Worth

It looks like PowerTap are matching Garmin’s pricing when they need to be matching that of the ASSIOMA. It additionally appears that PowerTap and Garmin assume their manufacturers command a premium. Maybe PowerTap’s worth is staying the place it’s as it’s exhausting to pay money for Vector 3s and ASSIOMAs proper now.

For those who search for Vector 2 and bePRO fashions you can see that they’re not produced and that previous inventory is tough to come by. So even when PowerTap do launch a P2 then P1 costs may solely fall by $100 or so till all of the inventory is gone. Then the worth competitors reverts again to the worth variations between the three main pedals and between various locations to measure power.

Until a P2 is providing some particular function it’ll sit in the identical $200-or-so worth bracket that separate the ASSIOMA and VECTOR three. Perhaps PowerTap would need to go on the low aspect to regain market share? nah! If a P2 is priced at a premium to a Vector three then I’d like to understand how it’s justified.

The consensus can be that basic power meter costs will EVENTUALLY fall. When? Who is aware of. With a present lack of provide of Vector three and ASSIOMA models easy Economics 101 tells you that discovering a ‘deal of the century‘ is going to be tricky. My guess is that a lack of production capacity (intentional or otherwise) will keep prices where they are now but you might expect a deal as winter approaches and you can buy a PM that you won’t have the opportunity to use a lot till Spring.

*IF* there’s a inventory of a number of 10s of hundreds of P1s someplace AND additionally an imminent P2 then you might think about a drop within the worth of the P1. However that’s fantasy buying. Simply get one now so you’ll be able to truly use it within the heat climate. Don’t rue the $50-$100 you may, simply may, have saved.

Competing power meter places in all probability don’t have an effect on pricing of power meter pedals an excessive amount of. Cheaper merchandise like WatTeam’s PowerBeat and PowerPod, I think, are merchandise which have a close to-zero bearing on a individual’s probability to spend over $500 on a power meter pedal. A reduced PM-Crank may change some individuals in the direction of crank know-how. Nevertheless such worth drops are exhausting to justify for a number of causes together with the truth that all of us have totally different cranks (fashions & sizes); too many individuals favor cranks anyway; and the elevated quantity of gross sales wouldn’t be there to help the lower cost.

Abstract Pricing: The costs aren’t going to change a lot untill the Autumn/Fall until PowerTap do one thing sudden with the P1 worth or a P2 worth. Your important drawback goes to be getting maintain of both an ASSIOMA or a VECTOR three earlier than mid-June. The SRM is just too costly.

Power Meter Pedals – Different Elements

  • Cornering – when you’ve by no means hit a pedal on the street when cornering then that is unlikely to have an effect on you. Attempt to put the opposite pedal down 😉  It’d develop into extra of a problem when you have longer cranks and should you pedal by way of corners.
  • LEDs – I notably famous with the Vector 2 and bePRO that you simply both couldn’t decipher what the variety of LED flashes meant or you can by no means fairly see the LEDs everytime you needed to. However you aren’t shopping for both of these pedals so that you’ll be positive.
  • Charging – Having briefly mislaid my ASSIOMA charger lately I used to be considerably shocked by the potential £50 alternative value. The sooner bePRO’s generic, micro-USB charging port and cowl have been alright however I used to be nervous concerning the longevity of that facet of the product although mine are nonetheless completely high quality. The ASSIOMA has charging pins and that’s the right answer for a rechargeable battery. Garmin presently has a problem with the battery cowl, I might REALLY be sure that the one you purchase has had this rectified or assured for all times that it is going to be fastened.
  • Clearance – there was a comparatively minor difficulty with the clearance of the Vector 2 on some frames and with the width of some cranks. I don’t assume that’s a issue any extra. There’s/was a problem with Favero the place the ‘hub’ must not ever contact your footwear/cleats. This varies by shoe and requires shims in some instances, this did (kinda) have an effect on me on the bePRO however not the ASSIOMA.
  • Servicability – Your pedals may want some consideration when you bang them or when you put on them out by means of use. For instance, attempt to laterally transfer your oldest, dearest pedals to check bearing put on. I’ve a problem on my proper aspect that wears out that aspect’s bearings after LOTS of miles. I’ve not encountered that eventuality but with any of the power meter pedals over three years however, as a check, I did swap out and clear the bePRO’s bearings and it was easy sufficient to do. Equally altering a Vector 2 pod is a easy process as bike mechanics goes. Nevertheless as each the measurement and transmission elements get ever-smaller and positioned contained in the pedal spindle then the power of you to tinker with it could be a DIY job you’d quite entrust to the producer.
  • Carbon cranks – I don’t assume this is a matter with any mannequin.
  • Elliptical chainrings – Not a problem with the ASSIOMA or P1. I feel it’s with Garmin.
  • Single-sided vs. twin-sided – in case you are involved about accuracy and you need a single-sided answer then you may want to assume extra rigorously as I’m positive that you’re not completely symetrical. There’s a $200-$300 premium for a twin-sided answer. Which is a lot.
  • Upgrading from single-sided to twin-sided – while it is possible for you to to do that I’d actually recommend ready till you possibly can afford twin-sided or take the leap with single-sided and then stick to single-sided for a lengthy interval.
  • Bike Swapability – sure it’s all straightforward now. Gone are Garmin’s tough pods and bePROs uncommon tightening routine.
  • A 5 second pre-journey calibration is advisable by all three gadget producers, your head unit or watch may even immediate you.
  • Different: If somebody prompts me I’ll look in to problems with activation while transporting flattening the battery or time to a full cost from flat or over the air firmware updating or calibration or standing indicators on headunits. Although a lot of that information shall be within the detailed product evaluations (on this website!!) or within the producer hyperlinks above.
Favero Assioma duo uno review p1 vectorFavero Assioma duo uno review p1 vector

Magnetic Charger Matches To Commonplace Micro USB Cable however pin connection is proprietary

It’s Christmas. Santa has simply purchased you a new set of power meter pedals. Let’s face it you’d be VERY HAPPY with any of those the Four principal choices. You need to be. Santa was very beneficiant and you clearly prevented the naughty listing this yr. They’re all good merchandise and ultimately or different might every be classed as ‘proven’.

When you have a VERY SPECIFIC & GENUINE requirement then an summary, albeit pretty detailed, like this text supplies won’t be sufficient to show you how to select (use the hyperlinks above). Nevertheless for the remainder of us, with comparatively basic wants for a power meter pedal, the selection is probably tough as they’re all comparatively comparable merchandise.

  • You need knowledge metrics you’ll by no means use? You purchase the Garmin Vector three
  • You need the lightest? You’ll NOT purchase the PowrTap P1
  • You need the prettiest? You purchase the Garmin Vector three
  • You need the longest battery life on your spherical-the-world tour? You purchase the Vector three or SRM Actual
  • You need a identify that your good biking buddies have heard of? You purchase SRM or PowerTap..however in actuality they’ve definitely heard of Garmin and Favero too.
  • You need the most cost effective? You purchase the ASSIOMA or compromise for a single-sided answer (Don’t compromise !! until you actually can’t afford twin-sided)
  • No actually. You need THE CHEAPEST? You purchase a single-sided, producer-refurbished PowerTap P1 (see feedback part, under)
  • You need one which’s suitable? Should you cycle in BLE-world, then seek the advice of together with your headset/watch vendor. In any other case ANT+ and BLE for Zwift ought to be good-to-go for you for any of the Four.

If you need my opinion then I might say that there’s NO COMPELLING purpose for not shopping for ASSIOMA and save your self $200. ie the compelling purpose to purchase the ASSIOMA is the worth.

In the event that they have been all the identical worth I’d personally nonetheless be tempted to get the ASSIOMA. I’d assume it MIGHT be probably the most correct. I’d be nervous concerning the Vector three proper now till the battery cowl and different teething points are sorted out (Jul18). I’d expect a P2 any day quickly and wouldn’t need a outmoded product. They’re all nice corporations with usually good customer support. I could be tempted to go for the Garmin as a result of it ticks fairly a few packing containers on my ‘nice-to-have-but-won’t-ever-use’ listing however that might solely be if I already had Garmin-branded the whole lot else – which I do, however I principally use WAHOO now for biking.

Abstract: Purchase the ASSIOMA. I discover it very exhausting to see causes to purchase some other power meter pedal. To ME it’s a no-brainer, however all of us have totally different wants.


Supporters: I’m not a salaried journalist and depend on help from readers to maintain the free content material coming. If you would like to help the work right here then advert-free subscription begins at 49p (about 65c). Alternatively shopping for something from my companions, under, additionally helps and you additionally get a nice low cost in lots of instances. Thanks!

To PM24 in Europe and PMC in USA