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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey isn’t the Greek drama it wants to be

Assassin's Creed Odyssey isn't the Greek drama it wants to be

One other yr, one other Murderer’s Creed. The collection made a triumphant comeback from a year-long break in 2017 with Origins. Now it’s aiming to duplicate that success with Odyssey, yet one more jaunt via Classical Antiquity starring a tragic hero. Whereas it does duplicate the components in some methods, and enhance on it in others, there are sadly many locations the place Odyssey doesn’t dwelling up to its dramatic promise.


Odyssey is the 11th (primary) recreation in a collection which has been round for 11 years. Its timing has been constant, if nothing else — although I do marvel how onerous the undertaking managers at Ubisoft have had to crack the whip to get that many video games out that frequently.

The sport is about in fifth century BC, 4 hundred years earlier than earlier than Origins. Throughout the Peloponnesian Struggle, a rascally Greek mercenary — Alexios or Kassandra, relying on who you select — units out to make their method in the world, uncover the destiny of their long-lost household, and subvert an enormous conspiracy that for some unusual cause we’re not bothering to name the Templars.

Credit score: Ubisoft

Truly, why are we even calling it “Assassin’s Creed” at this level? Fairly apart from the undeniable fact that we haven’t truly uttered the phrase which provides the collection its identify in two or three video games (“Nothing is true. Every part is permitted.), we’ve lastly accomplished the collection’ regular divorce from its personal core idea by having a recreation that stars neither Murderer nor Templar.

Odyssey is about earlier than both group was even conceived (we already noticed their genesis in Origins) and the recreation is barely associated to the general story. Positive, it leaves in a tangential aspect story set in the modern-day (completely boring, thanks for asking). It additionally retains rambling on about the alien precursor race and the superpowered rubbish they left behind, however that’s a fascination I merely don’t share.

Kassandra/Alexios… you understand what, let’s simply name the two “Alexandra” any further. Alexandra’s private life is tied intimately with the conspiracy, and the recreation does an excellent job tying the two most important story threads collectively. With out which means to spoil, there are a number of factors the place, to advance one plot, you’ve gotten to make some headway in the different. It’s satisfying, and provides me a purpose to do elements of the recreation I’d in any other case ignore.

Credit score: Ubisoft

Simply don’t anticipate historic accuracy this time round. When you’ll meet with well-known figures of historical past — Sokrates, Herodotus, and so forth — there’s a little bit of a really feel that you simply’re enjoying a Hollywood-ified model of historical past. That’s maybe greatest exemplified by the “Spartan Kick,” a capability that allows you to completely mimic a sure meme-ified transfer from the film 300.

Let’s simply say I knew we have been going for “quasi-historical” when King Leonidas, the chief of a tradition famed for utilizing their shields for near-impenetrable protection and for whom dropping one was an utter shame, flings his defend at a passing Persian foot soldier like a frisbee. Inside the first two minutes of the recreation.

“Okay,” says I. “So that’s the tone we’re going with.”

There was one different factor I fairly favored. The sport has a number of endings, and decisions you make way back to the first chapter may have some bearing on the ending you get. Typically apparently minor quests can have an effect on your decisions later in the story, and dialogue choices you decide might come again to chew you in the ass. That is truly fairly nicely executed, in that it’s not all the time apparent which decisions are going to change the end result and which of them aren’t. There’s no huge “Deimos will remember that” alert flashing at the prime of your display to present you that you simply simply made an enormous, impactful selection. It feels extra natural than another recreation I’ve seen to date.


Alexandra, as the hero of an RPG, has to be pretty obscure so as to account for the totally different dialogue choices the participant can select, however they do have a number of moments the place I felt related to their character, felt unhappy for them, and cheered their victories.

The character in the important storyline and the extra necessary sidequests is a noble, sentimental orphan concurrently keen to work for a greater future for themselves and clinging to a damaged previous they barely keep in mind. Once they understand they’ve an opportunity to discover the household they thought misplaced, they leap at it with each arms open. They know their actions have penalties and bear that burden with equanimity, identical to the participant. So I appreciated them, really.

The place they lag is in the peripheral sidequests the place they typically behave in a frivolous method that makes me like them a bit much less. The worst offenders are, by far, the romantic sidequests.

Credit score: Ubisoft

Now, I’ve no drawback with intercourse, not even intercourse of the informal selection. What I do have an issue with is sidequests that make the important character — an in any other case likeable character — into an insensitive rake who screws their means throughout the Mediterranean with no actual romance, no emotional depth, and never even a horny cutscene a la The Witcher as some base type of payoff.

In considered one of the first ones you encounter, Alexandra brazenly propositions a lady standing ft away from her dying father, simply as she’s making an attempt to persuade them to get the drugs that may save him. We’re not speaking sly hints, both. We’re speaking full-on “Why don’t you get me out of this armor?”

And this, by itself, isn’t fallacious, precisely. It simply feels as if it robs these sidequests of the probability to have some emotional payoff in favor of tacky, barely icky come-ons. For instance, there’s one sidequest the place you assist a cute physician maintain his sufferers and flirt with him whereas doing so. You discover out shortly afterwards that his household hides a darkish secret that instantly led to the ruination of your personal. You’ll be able to select to forgive them, and present him that the sins of the previous needn’t shade the brilliant future.

It ought to be a candy, resonant scene with emotional depth. As an alternative, we get this line, delivered with all the ardour of an embarrassed drama faculty instructor’s assistant:

Credit score: Ubisoft

Afterwards, Alexandra is standing outdoors his home, and the incident isn’t spoken of once more, to my information. Wham, bam, thanks ma’am.

I get what they have been making an attempt to go for right here: They needed one other Ezio Auditore, for whom love and earthly pleasures have been a core a part of his character. Properly, Alexandra, I knew Ezio Auditore. I performed as Ezio Auditore for 3 video games. You, Alexandra, are not any Ezio Auditore.

Works and Days

In case anybody wants to come for my Murderer’s Creed bona fides, I’ve performed each recreation on this collection a number of occasions. I even performed these cellular video games the place Ezio saves Christopher Columbus’s ass simply earlier than his voyage, and the place we uncover Altair’s first girlfriend was the Holy Grail. Yeah, that shit truly occurred.

So once I say charting the gameplay modifications which have taken this collection from “stealth-based Prince of Persia successor” to “basically Witcher 3” is complicated as hell even to somebody who’s paying actually shut consideration, you’ll know I’m not messing round.

Credit score: Ubisoft

Odyssey tries very onerous to hold a number of totally different types of gameplay spinning directly. It’s making an attempt to stability ship gameplay, open world exploration, faction warfare, searching, and a battle of attrition towards an historic cult. It feels as if none of those particular person parts get the consideration they deserve, in order that they find yourself feeling stripped down in contrast to the means they’re once we see them in different video games.

To Odyssey‘s credit, the combat is great fun — the best of the series so far, I’d say. Having the ability to cost, slash, and Spartan kick my approach by means of progressively greater and badder enemies is only a barrel of monkeys, and whereas the problem can be a bit unforgiving, I don’t thoughts the problem. Every of the upgrades felt like that they had a big impression on gameplay, and there are many choices for customizing your play type. In order that’s good. Kudos to you, Ubisoft.

Credit score: Ubisoft

Nonetheless, it’s odd that the recreation appears to all the time need you to not use the fight, however as an alternative to do issues the extra “traditional” means. Each time I approached an goal, Alexandra would mutter “I should try not to be seen” or one thing comparable to point out stealth was the approach to play it. However even the stealthy kills are bloody and over-the-top. Realistically, I’m unsure a brute like Alexandra even understands the primary idea of Murderer’s Creed-style stealth, contemplating they aren’t an Murderer.

It’s not that Odyssey is dangerous at any of the issues it tries to do, per se. It’s simply that, for each mechanic it has, I can consider a recreation that did it higher. Fallout, The Witcher, Mass Impact, Metallic Gear Strong V, actually each Telltale recreation… I noticed parts of every one in there, and every time I caught myself questioning why it appeared so lackluster in contrast with its predecessors.

That is even the case for parts taken from different Murderer’s Creed video games. Take the crusing, for instance. When it was made a central recreation mechanic in Murderer’s Creed four: Black Flag, crusing was a reasonably complicated affair. You had to take into consideration wind velocity and course. If you have been preventing, you had to place your photographs rigorously so as to efficiently whittle down your enemies, utilizing your ship’s excessive maneuverability towards their measurement or firepower. Typically, it was extra difficult than pointing your ship at the quest marker on the horizon and crusing in a straight line till you bought there.

In Odyssey, you level your ship at the quest marker on the horizon and sail in a straight line till you get there.

In one other instance, the killing of the Cult members who comprise the proto-Templar enemy group. You might have to kill them off one after the other, discovering the id of every one by way of investigation and clues, after which chopping them down, chopping off every head of the Hydra as you discover it. This was how Bayek and Aya operated in Origins, and but there every Templar’s demise was handled with nice solemnity. Their deaths meant one thing, if solely as a way for Bayek to get revenge. However right here, slicing down Cult members doesn’t really feel significant. I sliced by means of three or 4 of them who went down with as little fanfare as the primary enemies.

Credit score: Ubisoft

Fortunately, there’s one factor at which I can say Odyssey excels, and that’s at displaying the great thing about the historic Mediterranean. The Grecian isles and what they could have seemed like at their greatest have by no means been so beautiful. The climate patterns and day-night cycle, whereas not exceptional in their very own proper, did arrange some vistas so remarkably lovely they made me gasp.

The characters are additionally rendered superbly. It’s a little bit of a disgrace their mouth actions not often, if ever, match up to their spoken dialogue, however that’s one thing straightforward to overlook in the grand scheme of issues.


Like I stated, Odyssey isn’t dangerous a lot as it is a bit of complicated, vague, and overstuffed. The primary character is vaguely drawn and zigzags between likable and sleazy at a second’s discover. The gameplay places the fact to the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

Briefly, it’s making an attempt so exhausting to be different video games that I can’t discover the Murderer’s Creed buried in there. The intelligent stealth recreation that began this entire collection has evaporated and left the distilled essence of 2018’s online game tendencies in its wake. If that’s all you need, then that is your recreation. In case you needed one thing with slightly extra distinctive, you may be disenchanted.